Easily Find Support from the Recovery Community!

Connect to Recovery is a 24/7 addiction recovery hotline in McHenry County, IL. Read on to learn what you can expect when you call our number.

Get the Best Assistance for Your Situation

We support recovering addicts through our amazing group of over a dozen volunteers. Each of them has battled their own past addictions and has wisdom to offer. Some of our volunteers have also gone through training to become certified recovery coaches.

When you call us, we will ask you about your needs and background. Then we will match you with the volunteer who can best help with your situation.

Enjoy Support that Goes the Extra Mile

Our volunteers are some of the best recovery allies you could ever have. They never hesitate to do whatever it takes to help a caller.

Some of the ways they help include:

  • Talking on the phone to give advice and encouragement and to answer questions
  • Meeting to discuss recovery over coffee
  • Sitting in on interventions or family meetings
  • Providing rides to and from substance abuse treatments and meetings
  • Scheduling follow-up meetings and check-ins to develop an ongoing relationship

Find Benefits Even If You’re Not in Recovery

Whether you’re in recovery or not, our service can be a valuable resource. Obviously, people in recovery can benefit in all the ways we listed above. However, we can also support family members of addicts and healthcare programs.

We often assist family members by helping them to understand their loved one’s struggle. One way we do this is by connecting them with families who have dealt with similar trials.

Our service also supports many healthcare programs in our region. For example, our volunteers frequently assist with McHenry County’s “A Way Out” program, which helps people as they enter treatment. Northwestern Medicine also uses us as a resource when they get a new patient who is struggling with addiction.

Members of the Recovery Community Want to Help You! Call us today at 847-512-8052 to get the assistance you need.