Connect to Recovery Provides Engaging Peer Support for Addiction Recovery

Connect to Recovery is a call tree designed to connect people struggling with drug addiction and recovery with established members of the recovery community who volunteer their time to provide support from a relatable perspective.

Who Operates Connect to Recovery?

The program was founded by Connect to Recovery’s parent organization, New Directions Addiction Recovery Services (NDARS), and launched on November 1st, 2017. It joins The Other Side, a sober bar in Crystal Lake, and New Directions Sober Living, a structured housing program, as part of the range of services NDARS provides to serve the recovery community.

However, the volunteers in Connect to Recovery’s call tree don’t just come from NDARS. The program includes over 50 volunteers at least a year into recovery, and they come from all over the recovery community, including Alcoholics Anonymous and more Christian-based programs. This lets Connect to Recovery draw on many different styles of support based on different experiences and ways of looking at recovery.

Why Does Connect to Recovery Exist?

Connect to Recovery started providing its services to fill a gap in the resources available to people in addiction or early recovery. All too often, they’ll complete a treatment program, get released, and then not be heard from until they eventually relapse and show up for treatment again.

The volunteers at Connect to Recovery make personal connections with these people and help introduce them into the community and lifestyle of recovery. This gives them that extra push they need to truly commit to their recovery and stay engaged with it, eliminating that treatment gap.

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