We Provide Easy Access to Peer Support for Addiction Recovery!

Addiction recovery needs support to be successful. After all, no one can overcome their addiction on their own.

For this reason, we started a call tree to help recovering people find the help they need.

Here’s the story of how that came to be.

Discovering the Need for Connect to Recovery

The impetus for Connect to Recovery came when we noticed an unmet need in our community.

Our parent organization, New Directions Addiction Recovery Services (NDARS) already provided services for different stages of recovery. For example, their sober bar, The Other Side, gave recovering people a safe space to socialize. And the sober living homes (New Directions Sober Living) provided a living area for recovery to flourish.

However, we knew these services weren’t reaching the whole recovery community.

To help more people, we needed a service for the beginning of the recovery journey. It had to be somewhere that people could turn for help no matter their situation.

Designing a First Step for Addiction Recovery

The problem with the earliest stages of recovery is they are incredibly fragile. Too often, people will relapse because they lack support.

Therefore, we designed Connect to Recovery to be a resource people could easily access. The 24/7 hotline would always be available with support at the ready.

To provide this support, we recruited volunteers from the recovery community. Currently, we have over a dozen male and female volunteers of various ages and stages of life. Because of this, we can always connect callers with the best volunteer for their situation.

Doing Our Best Work for the Recovery Community

Since our founding on November 1st, 2017, we have worked to improve our support.

One way we’ve done this is by adding certified recovery coaches to our staff. These experts have extensive experience in helping people struggling with addiction.

We have also developed strong connections with organizations like Live4Lali and the McHenry County Substance Abuse Coalition. These connections have increased our ability to get anyone the help they need.

Looking to take the first step toward addiction recovery in McHenry County, IL? We can help! Call us at 847-512-8052 today!