Connect to Recovery for Peer Support and Community Care

Everybody faces their own challenges on the road to recovery, but nobody has to do it alone. In those greatest moments of struggle, nothing’s more powerful than having community support from people who’ve been there—and that’s exactly what Connect to Recovery provides.

Connect to Recovery is a 24/7 hotline that connects people struggling with drug addiction and recovery with volunteers from the recovery community. These volunteers all have at least a year in recovery, and commit to helping out however they can. They’ll discuss recovery and answer questions on the phone, meet over coffee to share their experiences, give rides to meetings and treatments, and more.

Callers are matched with volunteers from the same gender and age category. This service is used both by people seeking help for themselves, and by family members, school resource officers, and medical professionals to provide younger people with a relatable perspective on recovery.

Phone Operators
Placed in Treatment
Treatment Centers
Local Partners

What People Are Saying

Very impressed with New Directions Sober Living facilities. They help with the transition from treatment to navigating a life of recovery. But they do it in a way that encourages fellowship and support like few others.- Heidi S

Call 847-512-8052 to engage with the recovery community and get support you need.

Whether you want someone to support you through a family meeting or just someone to talk to on the phone, Connect to Recovery’s dedicated volunteers are here for you.